Data Backup

Is your most important data safe?


It is crucial to have valid, working backups.

Are you absolutely certain your data backup will be available and work when you need it?

Is your backup stored in multiple locations? You must be able to recover your data, even after a theft or natural disaster, like a fire or flood.

Are you backing up all the necessary files?

Are you performing test restores from your backups?



Your data is the most important piece of your business. From client lists to product information, from databases to emails, every piece of data is critical to keeping your business running flawlessly. A study from the Strategic Research Institute found companies that are unable to resume operations within ten days of data loss are not likely to survive.


Do not underestimate your backup needs. HCI offers a backup solution that provides onsite and offsite storage options. In the event of a server failure, a critical file gets deleted, or a major catastrophe affects your business, HCI’s backup solution will be there to get your data back.